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Evolution Mattress ZipCover Encasement

Sleep Safe Zip Cover Bedding Solutions
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When it comes to protecting your bed from bugs, insects and allergens, the Evolution Mattress Zip Cover Encasement simply surpasses today’s standards of quality and comfort.

  • Bed Bug, Insect & Allergen Proof Mattress Cover Featuring New Double Lock Zipper
  • Hides Perfectly Under Sheets Without Being Noticeable While You Sleep
  • Unlimited Number of Washes in any Household Washer & Dryer, Guaranteed 10-Year Warranty

Product Info:
Our environmentally friendly encasement was designed to protect you without the use of harmful chemicals, and features a unique and compact fiber structure that’s breathable yet extremely durable.

With numerous health and environment awards given to the makers of Evolon fabric, we’ve guaranteed this product with a 10-year warranty. For the most effective form of protection, encase all pillows, mattresses and box springs on your bed. Don’t forget to use the Evolution Pillow Zip Cover Encasement for complete protection.

AnyEach$22.99 each

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