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Nature's Eradicator

Bed Bug & Insect Natural Solutions
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Cleaning just got safer with this strong concentration that's easy to mix and works with an increased level of enzymes to boost its power to clean.

  • Removes Offensive Odors by Breaking Down Molecules into their Odor-Free Constituents
  • Great for Cleaning, Deodorizing, and Pre-Treatment for Tough Stains on Carpet and Hard Surfaces
  • Special Blend of Select Enzymes Dissolves Grease on Contact

Product Info:
Working at a microscopic level, this special concentrate lifts embedded soils and contaminants quickly away from Carpets and Hard Surfaces. Penetrates deeply into cracks and crevices keeping surfaces cleaner for longer periods of time.

Creates a virtually self-cleaning surface by accelerating the growth of beneficial bacteria that digests organic matter into an innocuous level. As a completely biodegradable product, this concentration never leaves a slippery residue and requires no special equipment to apply.

Produced in a food grade facility with painstaking attention to detail to give you an unparalleled level of purity and safety for use in your home and around your pets.

For a Ready to Use formula, check out the Eradicator Sprays.

AnyEach$19.95 each

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